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Extracting version information of modules!

Use GetFileVersionInfoSize, GetFileVersionInfo and VerQueryValue.

DWORD dwHandle = 0;

// Get version size
const DWORD dwSize = GetFileVersionInfoSize( lptszFileName, &dwHandle );

// Is size valid
if( !dwSize )
    return false;

// Allocate version data buffer
PUCHAR* pVersionData = new UCHAR[ dwSize ];
if( !pVersionData )
    return false;

if( !GetFileVersionInfo( lptszFileName, dwHandle, dwSize, pVersionData ))
    delete [] pVersionData;
    return false;

// Get product version from version block
VerQueryValue( pVersionData, 
               _T( \StringFileInfo40904B0\ProductVersion" ),
               &uVersionDataLength );
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