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Using GetLogicalDriveStrings!

I’ve seen people getting stuck with this API mainly because each drive given in the output buffer from this API is NULL terminated and the last entry is double NULL terminated.

So how to extract drives from this API’s output buffer. Here is the code snippet that does this…

TCHAR szDrives[MAX_PATH] = { 0 };
if( GetLogicalDriveStrings( MAX_PATH, szDrives ))
   LPTSTR lptszOneDrive = szDrives;
   while( *lptszOneDrive )
      // Do something with one drive
      MessageBox( 0, lptszOneDrive, _T( "Drives" ), MB_OK );

      // Get next drive
      const int nOffset = _tcslen( lptszOneDrive ) + 1;
      lptszOneDrive += nOffset;
   }// End while
}// End if
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