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Drawing outlined text!

How to draw text like this!

Looks interesting right! Well this is done using plain window’s GDI functions, here is a function which does this!

// Thanks to Charles Petzold!
void CCanvas::DrawOutlineText( CDC& dc, const CString& Text )
  const int RestorePoint = dc.SaveDC();

  // Create new font
  CFont NewFont;
  NewFont.CreatePointFont( 700, TEXT( "Verdana" ), &dc );

  // Use this font
  dc.SelectObject( &NewFont );

  // Brush for pen
  LOGBRUSH lBrushForPen = { 0 };
  lBrushForPen.lbColor = RGB( 200, 150, 100 );
  lBrushForPen.lbHatch = HS_CROSS;
  lBrushForPen.lbStyle = BS_SOLID;

  // New pen for drawing outline text
  CPen OutlinePen;
  OutlinePen.CreatePen( PS_GEOMETRIC | PS_SOLID, 2, &lBrushForPen, 0, 0 );

  // Use this pen
  dc.SelectObject( &OutlinePen );

  dc.SetBkMode( TRANSPARENT );

  // This text is not drawn on screen, but instead each action is being
  // recorded and stored internally as a path, since we called BeginPath
  dc.TextOut( 20, 20, Text );
  // Stop path

  // Now draw outline text

  dc.RestoreDC( RestorePoint );
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