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Fourth day of MVP Summit!

Breakfast this time was good, better than last two days!

Keynote sessions by Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer about to begin. Nice interactive session with all MVPs. With a few MVPs asking questions about future plans of Microsoft. Pretty cool guy, I’ve heard people talking nicely about him.

A snap of Ray!

So here comes Steve Ballmer! The same slam bang stuff slapping the hand of Toby Richards (WWF style) jumping around a bit. Very energetic, it’s a privilege to see him live. 🙂

This is how he looked when he came in 😉

He started off by mentioning about how Microsoft happened and how Microsoft got into this desktop application business that we see today! It was Bill’s idea according him.

Some funny questions and some serious questions were asked too. He was indeed listening and writing down important suggestions and questions that were asked!

A Canadian MVP gave his shirt to Steve, which he readily accepted, here is the picture! See the paper in his hand.

Another guy gave his simpsons tie to him (see it hanging loosely around his neck), more than just willing to wear it. 🙂 And another gave a USB memory stick with somekind of a presentation related to something ( I didn’t properly hear).

Another SQL MVP Amit Bansal asked a funny question about whether he is able to sleep properly. He answered as I expected, if you do your job properly and honestly then you should be sleeping too. Only time he is not able to sleep is when he comes over to India. Ha!

All went well! Four days of serious fun! Enjoyed every bit of this. As always enjoyed my lunch with fellow Indian MVPs.

So now it’s time for Shopping in seattle, bought some stuff for my mother (will she be pleased? 😉 ).

Thanks to Arijit Basu for these pictures!

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