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Posting message to a thread

Use PostThreadMessage API to post message to threads in windows provided you have the thread id of a thread.

Another thing to keep in mind to provide a message loop in your thread proc to watch for messages being posted, which means your thread will be blocked for message processing.

E.g. I assume you have a dialog based application and you have stored id of the thread created somewhere and it’s called m_ThreadId.

BOOL CDialogTestDlg::OnInitDialog()
   CreateThread( NULL, NULL, ThreadProc, NULL, 0, &m_ThreadId );

   return FALSE;  // return TRUE  unless you set the focus to a control

DWORD MessageID = 13123;

   MSG Msg = { 0 };
   while( GetMessage( &Msg, NULL, 0, 0 ))
      switch( Msg.message )
      case MessageID:
         MessageBox( NULL, _T( "Nibu is posting message to a thread" ), _T( "Nibu" ), MB_OK );
   }// End while

   return TRUE;

// On button click send message to thread
void CDialogTestDlg::OnButton1()
   ASSERT( m_ThreadId ); // Make sure that thread is valid
   PostThreadMessage( m_ThreadId, MessageID, 0, 0 );
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