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Changing font of all child controls at one go!

December 6, 2007 Leave a comment

Ever felt the need to change the font of all child controls of a dialog, or a window, and you had to use GetWindow, GetNextWindow and stuff like that to set a font for a window. Well here is an easy way!

// Idea taken from MSDN...
BOOL CSomeDialog::OnInitDialog()
    // I am using a static font for demo purpose only, make sure
    // you have this as a member
    static CFont fnt;
    CDC dc;
    dc.Attach( GetDC()->GetSafeHdc() );
    fnt.CreatePointFont( 100, _T( "Courier new" ), &dc );

    // Set change font message to all child windows
    SendMessageToDescendants( GetSafeHwnd(),
                              MAKELONG(WORD( TRUE ), 0 ),
                              false );
}// End OnInitDialog
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