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Project Conversion Bug in VS2008

May 11, 2009 1 comment

Are you having trouble with VS2008 after conversion from VS2005 to VS2008? Most common complaints are that the executable is way to slow when compared to it’s counterpart generated with VS2005. The reason for this is given in this MSDN forum thread have a look…

The essence of this thread is given below (quote from the thread, thanks to Jon Baggott)…

In Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (SP1 not RTM) there is a serious bug with /O2 optimization. One way this bug can be triggered is by upgrading a project from a previous version. Even though the project setting shows the release build is set to /O2, the build can be not optimized at all. To work around it you have to change the setting to no optimization, apply, and then change it back to /O2. The quick way to see if this is needed is to check whether the setting for optimization is in bold or regular – if’s it’s bold you’re OK; if it’s regular text you’re not. This bug has been reported to Microsoft by many people over the past few months via the Connect feedback site but every case has been closed by them without doing anything and for completely invalid reasons.

How to disable/tweak intellisense in VS2005?

August 5, 2008 3 comments

I can’t just bear the intellisense of VS2005. So went out to find ways to disable this feature since I have another intellisense (you know right?) 😉 package from a private vendor.

Here are some ways to disable this feature in VS2005…

  1. Rename \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcpackages\feacp.dll
    I’ve renamed it to “feacp.dll.renamed_to_disable_intellisense”. Hehe
  2. Open .ncb file of your project exclusively and then open your solution. You will get a warning which you will enjoy seeing. Take a look

Helped me a lot. Hope Microsoft(r) fixes this crap soon!! 😐 Sometimes I do wonder, didn’t they test this at all ? 😦

Most probably you can do the same in VS2008. But not everybody is as lucky as I am. I have another intellisense software but don’t know whether others have the same option.


Visual studio shortcuts that I use

Some useful shortcuts for development in different versions of visual studio for VC++…

  1. Ctrl + Alt + L – Solution explorer
  2. Alt + Enter – Properties window
    Works even on open files in the IDE. Lists the properties of files like full path etc. If in resource editor then it shows properties of controls
  3. Ctrl + Shift + F8 – Helps in selecting blocks of text using keyboard navigation keys, press escape to break out of this behavior
  4. Alt + 0 – VC6 – Shows workspace window
  5. Ctrl + Pagedown/Pageup – To navigate through the tabs in the output window or the workspace window. Works even in excel to navigate through worksheet tabs
  6. Ctrl + Shift + E – Opens resource explorer window
  7. Ctrl + Shift + C – Opens class view
  8. Ctrl + Shift + B – To start building
  9. Ctrl + F8 – VC6 – Turns on sticky shift, enters selection mode by selecting current line, use arrow keys to move selection up or down. Press escape when done
  10. Ctrl + Alt + O – Open output window
  11. To navigate through errors, use F8 in VS7 and above and F4 in VS6.
  12. Shortcut heaven in VC6, if interested to learn new shortcuts goto this dialog and the marked place. Press some shortcut keys to see what they are meant for. This is how I learn about new shortcuts in Microsoft products, it’s a standard feature in nearly all of their products. Goto Tools->Customize.
    Navigate through the category combo and command list to find out about new shortcuts. If you are using VC6 you can get a list of existing shortcuts using Help->Keyboard Map, take a print out stick it in your cabin, every now and then have a look at the list and implement these one by one. Shortly you won’t using mouse too much, will save time. :)This dialog is found in VS6 and equivalent one exists in some or the other form in other versions of visual studio too. So have fun learning these shortcuts.
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