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Breakpoints in Windbg

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

WinDbg rocks. 🙂 Setting breakpoints is very easy in WinDbg. The command to set a breakpoint is ‘bp’. So if you want to break whenever a dll is loaded into a process then type in following command…

bp kernel32!LoadLibraryW

So to trigger this breakpoint attach ‘notepad.exe’ to the debugger and then type in this command. Now let the app run (press F5). Goto File->Open (this will trigger a definite LoadLibrary :)). Now have a look in WinDbg which will have following output…

Breakpoint 0 hit
00000000`76e50420 4533c0          xor     r8d,r8d

 To view call stack, type in ‘kpn’. I’ll blog more on breakpoints as and when I get time. Happy debugging. 🙂

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